Your Gatlinburg Cabin | If They Build It, The Renters Will Come

No, I am not talking about building a new cabin.  Although, there is currently new construction in Sherwood Forest if you’re interested.  What I am referring to is the completion of the Rocky Top Sports World campus.  If you are not familair with the Rocky Top Sports World campus then just watch the video below.  It is pretty amazing!

Are You On The Fence About Buying A Cabin In Gatlinburg?

I understand,  I really do.  Without getting into great detail on the process, there is a lot of faith placed in others to ensure that your cabin is rented and making every attempt to pay for itself.  In order for this to happen you need bookings.  There are a number of economic factors that strengthen every year but the single most substantial swing will be the Rocky Top Sports World complex.

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge will continue to get around 10 million visitors a year to the area just because of the National Park.  Couple that with the regular vacationer and now the visitors coming in for sporting events and you have the potential for a great ROI on your cabin.  Look at the attached images below.  These are past and current lodging revenue numbers along with yearly projections tied directly to the Sports Complex.  source:

Of course there are several other factors involved in finding the right cabin, in the right location, at the right price.  And then most importantly, how will it be managed?  Here is an article from last year that I wrote on buying an investment cabin in the Smokies.  For more information on the investment cabins in Gatlinburg, feel free to contact me through the website or call me direct at 865-719-4930.

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